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Prudent Baby

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Monday, January 30, 2012

Prudent Baby Favorites: Let's Hear It For Our Sponsors

Our many sponsors play a huge role in helping us out here at Prudent Baby and we want to give them a great big thank you. Behind each blog and website are creative and talented people that have used their many skills to help inspire others to not lose sight of their crafty side.

We still have ad space available so if you are ready to take your blog or shop to the next level, take a peek at our advertising opportunities. If you have questions about advertising, just shoot us an email or contact our ad manager, Amber at admanagers[at]frecklednest[dot]com.

Let's hear it for our sponsors...

Linen & Thread

If you are looking for a new blog to frequent Linen and Thread is a great place to start. This blog is full of tutorials, recipes and home organization tips. You should also stop by their Etsy Shoppe where you can find a gorgeous collection of handmade quilts. All proceeds for the shop go to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. The No Sew Heart Pennant is a perfect craft to do with the kids for Valentine's Day.


Thumpkin is an adorable hair and accessory store created by our assistant, Colleen. It has the cutest hair clips and headbands for the littlest of ladies and even bow ties for the littlest gentlemen. Clare and Quinn have the Starry Night headband and Gordon sports this bow tie.


Luckycann handmade bags are made for function and fashion. There is a great variety of all different colors and sizes. This Carson in Teal bag would be perfect for Spring.

Storkie is a one stop shop for invitations, announcements, you name it. They carry a wide variety of both classic and modern styles just to fit your taste. Make sure to check out their many baby shower invitations like this Gift Buggie Invite.

Leyton Smiles

Leyton Smiles carries a large collection of handmade baby blankets, bibs, onesies and much more. They have Valentine's Day items for both boys and girls like this Baby Onesie.


Get all the zippers you could ever want without spending a fortune. Zipit is an Etsy store that carries a large assortment of zippers at wholesale prices. Along with these rainbow zippers, they carry invisible zippers and zipper pulls.

Ribbon Retreat

The Ribbon Retreat has a huge and I mean huge, collection of ribbons of all different colors and sizes. Right now you can get free U.S. shipping for orders over $45. You have until February 2nd to take advantage of this awesome offer.

Coupon Mall 247

Coupon Mall 247 is stocked full with coupons. Looking for deals on home and garden? What about clothes or music? No need to look any further when you can find almost every coupon right here.

Vista Print

I have a hard time, not remembering to write thank you cards, but forgetting to buy them. These Thank You cards are basic enough to be used all year round and for every occasion. Vistaprint has a huge selection of Thank You cards, invitations, calendars, tote bags, basically anything you can imagine.

Want to see your button up there too? Check out our advertising opportunities for February. Get in on our super low ad rates before they go up next month for new advertisers!



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